Edge by Sansiri – Central Pattaya

  • 2 years ago
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Project Concept : The condominium stands majestically in the middle of Pattaya with the concept of “soil, water, wind, fire, gold”. The five elements that create the color of the building both inside and outside. Samthong soil in the lower floor that is fused into the  landscape  to relax with nature Then ran up to send power to the wind element in the fitness room 
Stimulate the power of the fire element in the  Sky lounge  . And finish with the coolness of the golden water element at the golden champagne pool

INDOOR LOBBY LOUNGE and SEMI INDOOR LOBBY LOUNGE   Welcome to your home every day with the  Indoor Lobby Lounge  and  Semi Indoor Lobby Lounge  that give you a grand feeling every time you go home. Create excitement Reinforcing the fun every day


SKY LOUNGE   Choose a pleasant drink Then come and enjoy the great view And the light of Pattaya from the 30th floor bar   on your own condo With areas that support social gatherings Ready for your party.  Non-stop  with friends gang. Both playing snooker Then take a dip in the heated pool Living away from what ever

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