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Now, in August 2021, we are into 18 months of COVID, quarantines and closed borders here in Thailand. Seems like a challenging times for property sales, yet there is still plenty of action going on, but you have to make sure your property stands out.

Here is a few really SIMPLE tips how to make your house or condo more attractive. Best part – these will not cost you a single satang 🙂

Lets start with absolutely FREE ones:

  1. CLEAN THE PLACE. I cannot emphasize enough how simple and obvious this advice is, but walking into same place BEFORE and AFTER cleaning definitely makes the difference. Clean floors, wash the dishes, put away laundry.
  2. DECLUTTER Now that the place is clean, look around and see if it is CLEAN FOR YOUR EYES. Clear the counter spaces, tables, put away children toys, everything that is possible to get off the furniture, put away. Easy on the eyes, more attractive for sale
  3. SMELL The place should have good smell or no smell at all. Keep the kitchen closed when cooking, look after your pets well, do not smoke inside. Smell may matter the MOST, property purchases are emotional acts for many people
  4. TEMPERATURE It may seem obvious, but yet worth mentioning. Even if your personal comfort is outdoors and 30+ C, cool the property down to about 24-25 C before the viewing. Inspecting a huge mansion and sweating is no fun for any buyer
  5. SOUND Take it up a level, and before client arrival, turn on some calm relaxing music, to support ambiance and comfort you created by going through steps above

And, of course, speak to your preferred agent about best marketing strategy for your place  🙂

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