Your new condo is now complete? Here is a check list to help with inspection

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So, you have just received a letter from developer, that your condo, that you purchased some time ago, has now finished construction and you are invited to inspect the apartment, that is ready to use. We created for you a check list with simple steps to follow, so you dont miss any detail.

  1. Common areas. Check on the promises.

Proper developers invite for inspection, when all facilities, common areas and unit itself are ready to use. So, start with facilities and common areas. If you kept an advertising brochure from the time of purchase great, this is your guideline for facilities and common areas inspection. By thai law, marketing materials is part of promises and obligations the developer is due to complete, and any changes on those are to be announced in advance.

  1. Private unit. Go through the specifications.

Now moving on to your own unit, open your purchase agreement. At the end there are 2 attachments: specifications and unit layout. Start with unit layout, check the furniture and built-in fixtures locations and approximate size. Then go through the specifications, compare the materials used with declared ones, see if furnishing, sanitary, décor and equipment matching the list in agreement. Once the quantities is confirmed, move to the quality.

  1. Quality control.

Start from the entrance door and go around the whole property, check for imperfections:

  • See if all the doors, windows, other locks open and close well, without friction, gaps, easy and smooth
  • Check all switches, sockets to be properly attached to the walls and working
  • Sanitary – all properly attached, not moving, sealed where needs to be sealed and working without effort
  • Tiles and paint work – smooth, even, no chipped corners, no uneven color patches, no gypsum splashes
  • Built-in furniture – open closes easy, cabinet door are leveled, no scratches, splashes, electric appliances installed straight, sealed, working
  • Furniture – if unpacked, make sure all clean, no damage. If still in packages, reflect that in the report
  1. Make a report.

All the findings make sure to add to report, to take photos(!) and to reflect in report the timeframe for fixing and date for next inspection. On second inspection, most of the notes should be fixed, if something has been missed, make notes on report and return


IMPORTANT! World is NOT perfect, and “This is Thailand” so some minor imperfections is easier to disregard or to fix yourself later. Specifically, from experience – if you notice minor tile work imperfection, DO NOT ASK to fix it, accept it and enjoy the property. I haven’t seen ONCE, where those were better AFTER fixing, than before.

  1. Developer guarantees.

In case you did not notice some defect, or the defect was internal and revealed itself later, remember, no matter what developer says, by law, there is a 1 year guarantee for the unit décor and fixtures and 5 years guarantee for the building and structure.

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